November Workshop

Hey all,
We had a wonderful time this month! Paula made a great dip (I know because I ate a bunch of it!).

Several of you had questions:

Some one wanted to know which set had the Solemn stillness quote. It comes from a set on page 51 called Solemn Stillness

Some one asked if they could get their order by December 5th. We can if we close the party by the 22nd. Sooner if we get all the orders in before the 22nd.

I have now a library of card samples available for your viewing at school. Kathie and Sheryl had the samples last.

It was fun this month and sit and peruse the samples and discuss how each card was made. I went to a card workshop 2 weeks ago. It was fun but I had to make almost 70 cards to swap whew!

We also discussed wish lists that I can keep for you.(sort of a registry) When folks want to purchase you a gift, I will keep a list of stamps and supplies you might like. I can also create gift certificate complete with a handmade card!!

Hope you all had fun Missed seeing many of you. November project instructions .

If you are a stamp ten member And have sent me your order thanks so much! If you haven't had a chance please send your order as soon as you can as we would like to close the party before Thanksgiving.

Thank You
Virginia Killmore


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