Changing a small detail!

Wow last night I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and came across a tutorial by Jan Tinks for a card that has a magic aperture opening. It was really neat and I thought what if the opening for the card I made yesterday worked in a similar fashion. If I followed Jan's directions my opening would have the candy falling out the back. Not what I wanted. But if I adjusted how the card opened I could make it so the card would open on the inside. More of what I was looking for. Well I tinkered this afternoon and lookie here what I came up with! A card that magically opens on the inside! I will try and write a tutorial for you shortly but I wanted to Show you the card first.

The card appears to have a balloon in the front. I was inspired by a card that Gretchen Barron Made. When you open it up the tab in the center slides open a holel for your candy to come out of!

Here is a quick video of the how the card works!

Thanks for looking Virginia!


Joyce Spear said…
OMG!! I love this way of getting to the candy! Brilliant!
Stampindragon said…
Very clever opening appeture! I have also see it with the tag on the outside (probably the one you mentioned) and one person changed and put the tag on the inside, so that then you pulled the tag it opened to the treats from the inside.
Janine said…
What a magnificent idea!!! THUD! (as JulieHRR would say!) that is SWEET!
Andrea said…
Hi Virginia,
what a neat idea. I hope we get these things out here in Australia soon.
take care
Wendy said…
Wow! Way to take Jan's idea and run with it!! That makes the sweet center cups even better!! Great job!!
Wendy said…
Wow! Way to take Jan Tinks's idea and run with it!! It makes the sweet center cups even better! Great job!
Belinda said…
Super cute!
KelliStamps4U said…
I just love this. Very nice job!!
Stamp/nScrap said…
Oh, another cute way to make the treat accessible!! Love it!

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